The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, or simply known as Fender, is a guitar and amplification company out of Scottsdale, Arizona. ( Formerly based in Fullerton, California ) It was founded in 1946 by Leo Fender. Over the years, Fender has come out with guitars and basses such as the Telecaster, Precision Bass, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Jazz Bass, and one of the most known electric guitars in the world, the Stratocaster.

Notable Artists Edit

  • Eric Clapton - Many ( Has used several Stratocasters, two of whom have been named Blackie and Brownie )
  • Geddy Lee - Rush ( When Rush embarked on their first tour of Canada, Lee used a Precision Bass, however afterwards, he bought a 1972 Jazz Bass. His signature model is modeled after three of his Jazz Basses. )
  • Alex Lifeson - Rush ( Alex Lifeson is best known for using a modified Fender Stratocaster known as the Hentor Sportscaster, however, he has also used a 1952 reissue Telecaster. He's also been known to use a 1970's Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. )
  • Brian May - Queen ( Brian May has been known to use a Telecaster for "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" live, however, not many people know he also used a Stratocaster in the early 70's on Queen's first tour from 1972-1973, as well as using one for "The Strat Pack tour in 2004" )
  • Freddie Mercury - Queen ( Used one for rhythm guitar on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love ")
  • Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin ( Page used a Fender Electric XII and Telecaster to record the FM Rock ballad "Stairway to Heaven". He's also used a 1964 Stratocaster in Lake Placid Blue )
  • Kurt Cobain - Nirvana ( Cobain is usually shown playing a Fender Jaguar, Mustang, or Stratocaster in live concerts. He's also the mind behind the little known "Jag-Stang" crossover guitar. )
  • Bono - U2 - ( Used a Fender Lead II for the song "A Day Without Me" live at Red Rocks, CO in 1983. )
  • The Edge - U2 ( Known for playing on a 1973 Fender Stratocaster. Has also played several Telecasters and a 1962 Jaguar in Lake Placid Blue )
  • Adam Clayton - U2 ( Plays a 1962 Sherwood Green P-bass, as well as having a signature Sherwood Green Jazz Bass. )